Pool rules and procedure

Rule Number 1: No money involved. Baloney/bs yes, money no.

14-16 regular pro games/week - all available games included. 

Up to 15 college games/week -- except for bowl week (then much more) 

Attempt is to include college games, with top 25 teams, and point spread < 23.

Results are done for each individual week and cumulatively for the season. 

Pool is normally ready by Tuesday --- participants are emailed of that fact. Picks must be completed by Noon Eastern Time Saturday (I used to have this on Friday afternoon but it seems more people make a Saturday deadline). Automatic Email notifications will be sent on this schedule -- Wednesday morning & Thursday morning -- Initial reminder to all. Thur afternoon, Friday morning, Friday afternoon,Sat morning --- Reminders to only those who haven't completed picks. (I'd like not to have to send so many reminders, but there are numerous people who will not be working Fridays, so I have to consider this and hit accordingly). IMPORTANT -- don't forget: *** Individual Thursday or Friday night games must be picked by kickoff., you can finish the rest by Saturday Noon. ****
Very important picking point-- Picks made are versus the point spread: Favorite must win by point spread or greater, Underdogs need only beat the spread. There are no ties/pushes- (lone exception --- pro game with 0 point spread that ends in a tie (after OT)
Listing of picks is emailed after the pool is locked. I hope to automate the sending of picks. The less use of defaults (i.e. making me put in your picks, the better this will work). Results are done for each individual week and cumulative for the season.
Important changes: As usual, you will be asked to make a default picking method for absences. I will again give my hearty --- "please use this sparingly" -- since you know who gets to make all the default picks for you. Rules on default usage/overusage -- Total maximum usage of your default picks = 6 Total maximum times being entirely absent = 4 For those that this would confuse -- a.Warning me that you'll be gone and using defaults counts as 1 default pick. b.Just going missing (i.e. no warning) is being entirely absent AND 1 default pick. Penalty time -- should anyone exceed the 6/4 numbers: For any week then absent (I doubt you'd tell me you'll be absent at this point) your score will be numerically the worst score of people playing that week minus 1, and thats done individually in each category (college and/or pro) played.